Brain Based Software and Equipment



Computer on table with BrainBeat Software

Brain Beat Interactive Metronome

BrainBeat trains the brain to focus by having patients clap in tune with a beat at just the right speed—not too early and too late. The more kids train, the more their focus skills improve. Scoring, sounds and light cues provide instant, measurable feedback. BrainBeat improves brain timing and rhythm through real-time, millisecond feedback. By training the brain to focus solely on a target tone within frequent, intense timeframes, BrainBeat forces the neurons on both sides of the brain to talk to each other more efficiently. With practice, the areas of the brain that control functions such as attention and learning become more synchronized. BrainBeat has been proven to improve kids’ ability to pay attention (30% increase), listen (32% increase), organize and communicate ideas (30% increase), and manage frustrations (27% increase). Overall improvements can be obtained in academic performance, social interactions and behavior.

Computer with screenshots and and images from BrainBeat software
Silver headphones plugged into BrainBeat technology
Brain Beat technology worn on someones hand

Focus Builder App

The Focus Builder App is a unique approach to eye movement training. All of the benefits of functional neurology eye movement training are in this one all-inclusive, easy-to-use app. This provides clinicians with tools to help patients achieve therapeutic benefits through eye movements such as pursuits, saccades, and anti-saccades. These specific types of eye exercises create more than just therapeutic benefits—they can improve brain function as well. Moving your eyes in various patterns, at various speeds and in various directions can activate specific parts of your brain. There are numerous functions in the brain that patients can improve through brain activation via eye exercises, such as executive function/behavior, attention, impulse control, motivation and more. Given the many benefits of improved eye movements, the Focus Builder app uses eye exercises to create therapeutic outcomes for patients. The app is also fully customizable for the clinician and can be downloaded onto a patient’s iPad or phone for home therapy.

Tablet showing Focus Builder app
Man swinging baseball bat on baseball field with another man

RightEye Sports Vision Trainer

RightEye Sports Vision Trainer is an on-demand sports vision program that can be performed anywhere and everywhere. It offers individualized exercises through an online library of 150+ instructional videos that were developed using scientific principles. RightEye athletes fulfill their recommended vision programs, then measure their improvement with a RightEye EyeQ re-test. The resulting objective and accurate report verifies vision progress, identifies opportunities for additional improvement and provides data for the next set of sports vision exercises. Sports conditioning is a building process—think of cardio or weight training—and eye training is no different. Just as the potential for athletic growth is indefinite, so are the possibilities for improvement with RightEye.

HUMAC Balance Trainer

Functional neurology therapy is fun! And with HUMAC’s interactive Balance Games, physical therapy can be fun, too. The balance platform allows patients to get instant feedback when they shift their weight. This helps aid vestibular, balance, equilibrium and proprioceptive issues. The HUMAC Balance Games include Downhill Skier, Flight, Tilt Board, Breakout and Pong. In addition to a variety of games, HUMAC also has training programs for random motion, limits of stability, center of pressure, weight shift, curves, roadways and weight bearing.

Woman standing in room using HUMAC's Interactive Balance Games

With such a vast array of brain-based therapeutic software, each individual will have a custom program to obtain optimal outcomes!