Neck Proprioception and Strengthening Therapy 

NeuroLogic Chiropractic Center has the following equipment to aid in the recovery and prevention of injuries.


Woman wearing head-mounted motion guidance laser

Motion Guidance

Motion Guidance uses a head-mounted laser that provides instant visual feedback to rehab cervical proprioception and strength. It enhances learning, patient engagement, performance and outcomes. Motion Guidance improves entire ranges of motions as well as specific control of certain motions and isolated motions. Studies show that this integration of visual feedback allows for superior learning and engagement. In addition to neck rehabilitation, it’s used with core exercises and extremity rehab. Motion Guidance is a great tool for: chronic neck/upper back pain, whiplash, auto injuries, vertigo, disequilibrium, cervicogenic dizziness, cervicogenic migraines, torticollis, cervical dystonia and more!

The Iron Neck

The Iron Neck is a unique resistance exercise tool for rehabbing neck strength. It provides resistance to neck flexors/extensors and rotators while avoiding cervical compressive loads. Another benefit of the Iron Neck is aiding in concussion prevention. Recent studies have revealed that athletes with weak neck musculature are at a higher risk for concussion.

Image of the Iron Neck exercise tool
Image of cervical stabilizer pressure biofeedback device

Cervical Stabilizer Pressure Biofeedback

This simple device is used to provide high-quality, precise feedback during exercise performance and testing. The Stabilizer monitors the position of the cervical spine during muscle testing to determine if the patient is able to selectively isolate their cervical stabilization muscles. When used during exercise, the Stabilizer provides a patient feedback as to when they have isolated and are maintaining a contraction of the cervical stability muscles. The cervical stabilization muscles are often affected and overlooked in whiplash and concussion injuries.