HUMAC Balance (Posturography)

Woman helping man use HUMAC Balance System

Fall Prevention, Orthopedic, Concussion, Chiropractic Neurology

The HUMAC Balance System represents a breakthrough in the performance of computerized balance measurement and training systems. By coupling the HUMAC Balance System with the most popular balance board in the gaming industry, CSMi is able to offer the chiropractic neurologist, athletic training, physical therapy and exercise science markets the industry’s most powerful computerized balance system. The HUMAC is ideal for orthopedic post-surgical and post-trauma needs, fall prevention, neurological disorders, vestibular disorders and concussions. With HUMAC, patient progress can be well-documented throughout care.

Center of Pressure

Sensory input balance testing, concussion testing, core stability training and lower limb stability training. Real-time visual biofeedback display exercises.

Weight Bearing Display

Static and real-time display of weight distribution between right and left foot. Aids in pelvic and lower extremity muscle imbalances.

Weight Shift Display

Identify areas of deficiency to provide instant patient feedback to guide them toward or away from the involved area.

Limits of Stability

Divi is here to stay! You can rest easy knowing that our team will be updating and improving it for years to come. Build on top of a powerful foundation.

M-CTSIB Concussion Testing

The Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Organization and Balance (MCTSIB) test measures a person’s ability to maintain their equilibrium on both a firm and soft surface with their eyes open and closed. The HUMAC report compares a patient’s results to age-based normative data. HUMAC data is especially thorough due to research that supports vestibular/balance abnormalities as being one of the most common findings in patients with concussions and post-concussive syndrome. In addition, HUMAC can provide a fall risk assessment for elderly patients.

Bar chart showing concussion testing data

Interactive Balance Games

The HUMAC system has a host of fun and interactive games to rehabilitate a patient’s balance.

Balance game screenshot of character skiing
Woman standing in dark room playing balance games
Balance game screenshot of airplane game