The number of kids diagnosed on the autism spectrum has been growing at an exponential rate and according to the CDC is 1 in 68 kids. Males are 5x more likely to be diagnosed, with the CDC reporting 1 in 42 males being diagnosed. NeuroLogic Chiropractic Center is striving to bring the latest techniques and care to it’s patients afflicted with autistic traits. Dr. Muldoon was trained by Dr. Robert Melillo, the co-founder of brain balance centers.  A major finding in kids with autism has been linked to Functional Disconnection Syndrome (FDS), when there is a lack of communication between the two hemispheres, lobes, or pathways of the brain. Dr. Melillo recently published an article outlining the signs and symptoms associated with FDS; this model is one of the main bases for treatment of kids with autism.


NeuroLogic Approach

An extremely detailed history, exam, nutritional evaluation, and analysis is performed on each child. The history looks at developmental milestones and experiences a child has throughout their life. A NeuroLogic exam allows the doctor to find differences between the two hemispheres of the brain that are commonly found in kids with Functional Disconnection Syndrome (FDS). Some examples may be differences in smell, sensation, auditory, blood pressure and more. The exam includes a balance analysis with the HUMAC system and eye analysis with the Visual Eyes System.  Nutritional analysis with ALCAT finds food that patients are sensitive to, as various foods may be attacking the patient’s nervous system. This allows NLCC to have pre- and post-treatment results to evaluate the progress of care.

The Solution

Treatment is aimed to restore connections that are weak or dysfunctional between the two hemispheres  and pathways in the brain. Depending on the areas of the brained that have been localized, a wider array of care is provided. Treatment may included chiropractic adjustments, primitive reflex remediation, aroma therapy, sensory therapy, core stability, cross coordination exercises, vestibular rehab, eye exercises, nutritional aspects and more. With a combination of theses therapies aimed to restore hemispheric imbalances, improvements of ones symptoms may be observed while under care at NLCC.

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