Chronic Pain & Inflammation


Over 100 million Americans and over 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain. Some of the most common conditions with which patients experience chronic pain are: low back pain, headaches/migraines, neck pain, and facial pain. More than half of people with chronic pain report no control over their pain and experience severe effects on their quality of life. This can result in patients experiencing depression, decreased energy, difficulty concentrating, and difficulty sleeping. With many turning to prescription drugs as a means of relief, prescription drugs have become the 2nd most commonly abused drug in America. NeuroLogic Chiropractic Center strives to deviate from the typical medical model and provide a real solution rather than masking the symptoms.

NeuroLogic Approach

Chronic pain is typically not limited to one factor, but consists of multiple facets in a patient. In order to successfully manage, address, and reduce chronic pain, all areas are considered. Nutritional and metabolic factors often stand out with chronic pain and inflammation, so patients will undergo nutritional counseling, additional blood analysis, cortisol testing, and supplementation. As all patients receive, a detailed neurologic exam is performed to localize areas in the nervous system that are dysfunctional. Many times with chronic issues, areas of the brain or brainstem are over-active, resulting in pain pathways firing at unnecessarily high rates, leading to constant pain.

The Solution

Dietary modification to avoid inflammatory foods, coupled with supplementation can reduce the overall inflammatory load in one’s body. This is combined with brain-based chiropractic functional neurology to help break chronic pain pathways via: brain-based exercises, eye exercises, vestibular rehab, and chiropractic adjustments.

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