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We just returned from Neurologic Chiropractic doing an intensive visit, meaning 2-3 daily visits for 4 days. My 14 year old son, with CP / Brain Injury, who has had over a decade of regular PT and a host of alternative treatments, made such amazing progress. Despite previous treatments, surgery and orthotics, his gait remained abnormal, wide stance with turned out feet to compensate for poor balance and he was still slower than peers. This year in HS, the abnormal gait has been more emotionally difficult fitting in. Dr Muldoon introduced us to an exciting new world, with scientific based treatments that helped him make significant improvement. His balance was finally centered, his chance of falling now falls into normal range. When we left armed with home exercises, my son had shifted his gait to walking with his feet parallel and turned in with concentration. The most overwhelming difference was he had hope and motivation again. Even though he is walking slower to develop new pathways of proper gait, he is ecstatic and willing to do the work to improve. We are returning in 3 weeks for more of this fabulous therapy. Anyone who has been on such a journey knows the plateaus and setbacks of chronic challenges, but this rebirth of inspiration is priceless. I highly recommend seeing Dr Muldoon, his comfortable bedside manner puts everyone at ease immediately and the results speak for themselves. HIs assistant, Jodie, is responsible for the huge emotional shift my son experienced. I can not thank them enough for the obvious changes, as well as the remarkable unseen change. -Linda M.
Dr. Muldoon is the first chiropractor I’ve ever had, and one of the only doctors in general, that goes above and beyond to communicate with me, and attempt to figure out the root of the problem. I’ve been going to chiropractors since I was in the 5th grade, and it’s been the standard: they pretend to listen to your issues, nod, and tell you to get on the table so they can take 30 seconds to adjust the same places they always do. Not Dr. Muldoon. Adjusting therapies per visit in conjunction with my current ailments, ideas for how to tweak other aspects of my life to achieve relief, and he LISTENS. How novel. He takes his time, he is caring and patient, and he’s got a heart of gold. Not to mention, he is one of the most intelligent people I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with- always learning new things, trying to suss out new approaches to his patients’ relief. His office staff is always upbeat and accommodating; they are cheerful, and just as interested in your well-being as Dr. Muldoon is. It’s a nice feeling to be cared for as a person, and not looked at as just another patient to get thru as quick as possible. Thank you to the entire staff @ Neurologic Chiropractic, you’re making a world of difference for so many. Never lose your caring approach, it’s what sets you miles apart from the rest. -Kristen R
My health has improved greatly since meeting with Dr. Muldoon and his team. I had suffered a mild concussion during a car accident which, at the time felt was no big deal, but since had experienced my health deteriorating. Firstly depression hit, then the memory loss followed by the decrease of my sense of smell, I had balance issues that intervened with my workouts. I had begun to lose feeling in my right side of my body, I would get easily disoriented and overwhelmed while driving, and my reflexes and responses had been very compromised giving me anxiety when driving especially but also making me feel out of sorts at work, unable to focus. Everything began to get worsen as each year passed by, until i spoke to my In-laws about my symptoms and they recommended I see JR. Well, I can attest to the fact that every single symptom has either greatly improved or disappeared all together.  I even ventured into the massage therapist, who was gentle yet confident in her abilities, and who gave me the best massage I have had in 7 years. Every method, therapy, or system provided has given me a greater quality of life, and has added to the improvement of my day to day emotional, mental and physical well being. I am so grateful to have found this team and recommend them to everyone I know who is living with symptoms beyond the help of medication. The best part is that every therapy or treatment is explained thoroughly, the science and function behind it, so that you understand why each is important and how they are helping me recover. -Zai G
Our family is so grateful for Dr. Muldoon and Jodie! Dr. Muldoon identified and rehabilitated our son’s head injury. In three weeks, all of his symptoms were completely gone. We had been to top ophthamologists and neuro ophthalmologists at a local university, only to be told his symptoms would go away eventually. My son was experiencing red flashes and floaters every second-not exactly something you patiently sit by and let happen. Dr. Muldoon was proactive and awesome with my 7 year old. He and Jodie are great with kids, they make the visits fun and interesting. I would recommend him to anyone, this office is a great resource for those of us concerned with total health. -Erin G.
I would highly recommend Dr.JR Muldoon. His skills are first rate, his sensitivity and gentleness are delightful. His knowledge/therapy for my shoulders, arms, neck, back and legs restored life without pain – every day. His skills with eye-brain connection therapy improved my reading comprehension significantly. I refer family, friends and business associates to him often because I can first hand assure these significant people in my life to someone I trust and I know he will take good care of them, as he has with me. -Charles K
I knew I was getting top-of-the-line treatment when they told me about what they learned at the latest conference they attended, and how they were incorporating that knowledge into the practice. Their staff is the most friendly, welcoming staff I’ve ever dealt with. They are so warm and professional, and make the whole experience that much better. They did not pressure me at all to return. They gave me the information I needed and left the choice up to me. They were so kind and attentive to me. I didn’t have to worry about them arguing with me, or contradicting what I had to say, which has been a problem for me at other places. – Sarah D
When I first started working with Dr Muldoon I was stressed out, and had numerous aches and pains in my body. I had worked with three other chiropractors in the past. That seemed to help me at the time. However, not one of them was able to help me beyond a quick adjustment and with short term effects. Once I started working with Dr Muldoon I was able to gain a sense of confidence about my healing process. I felt empowered, and he gave me so much more than just a quick adjustment. He spent time with me during my appointments, talking to me and trying new techniques and methods. I felt like I was the only patient there during every appointment, and I always felt he was genuinely concerned about my health, well being, and my stress levels. I always left with confidence, relief from pain/discomfort, and exercises to do at home for continued healing. One major difference between Dr Muldoon and every other doctor I have worked with is that he is very compassionate with his patients. He understands the feelings that come with health challenges and he is always understanding, patient, and generous with his time and sharing his expertise. I’ve never met a chiropractor like Dr Muldoon, and I recommend him to all my friends and family. I even had my husband seeing him for his adjustments. I would still be seeing Dr Muldoon for my chiropractic needs but I have moved out of state. I now send as many friends and family to him as I possibly can, because he is one in a million. If you’re looking for a chiropractor who is knowledgeable, dedicated, concerned, and compassionate, and if you want RESULTS, look no further. Dr Muldoon is the one for you. Thank you Dr Muldoon 🙂
I have been a patient of Dr. Muldoon for aproximately 2 years. I think he is a wonderful doctor. I have dealt with migraines my entire life and now I have not had a single one since he started treating me. Not long ago I was having issues with my equilibrium and by looking at my eyes through an instrument he was able to diagnose my problem. Within 2 visits, eye exercises and several adjustments, he was able to cure me of that as well. If you or someone you know is in need of a reputable, trustworthy chiropractor, I would highly recommend you give him a try. Dr. Muldoon has earned both my trust and respect. -Kim B.
Dr JR does a complete evaluation and listens to your concerns. I got frustrated with traditional doctors handing me pills to mask my symptoms including restless sleep, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure and more. Soon after he started treating me, with a combination of chiropractic adjustments, exercises and dietary changes- all simple, non invasive options, I noticed a difference in sleeping habits and overall ability to concentrate and function. I have decreased doses or stopped medication for all the conditions, I am resting better and definitely feel better after working with Dr JR! – Deb B
First, Dr. Muldoon is a friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable guy. Second, he has an assistant that is kind and smart. They work in tandem brilliantly and do good work. They helped me get my arm, leg, and eyes working better. I thanks them for everything they did. -Jared T
Dr. Muldoon and team restored my teenage daughter’s health after a mystifying and debilitating illness left her completely incapacitated in her 16th year. After several months of visits to a variety of specialists in local hospitals, and a multitude of tests that ruled out what she didn’t have, my daughter’s health was no better. We were referred to Dr. Muldoon by Ms. Katy Held of Learning from the Heart. He quickly and correctly assessed my daughter’s condition and had her well on the path to recovery within a month. She is now a fully functioning young adult in her first year of college. Dr. Muldoon is a highly trained practitioner, as well as an energetic and compassionate individual who is clearly invested in his patients well-being. I highly recommend him! -Joann C
The treatment that I have received from Dr. Muldoon in just one month has given me a new lease on life. I had been struggling with chronic back pain, fatigue and digestive issues. I am shocked at how much better I feel! His approach to caring for patients is multi-dimensional. He is incredibly knowledgeable, kind and caring. Wonderful staff. I highly recommend Dr. Muldoon! -Heather K.